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Providing Cleaning Services on a National Level

Who is National Janitorial Solutions?

Process management and dedication to achieving perfection with our services is what makes us the premier choice. Choose the best; Choose National Janitorial Solutions.

Company History 

National Janitorial Solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional janitorial services for over 30 years. Headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, we strive to establish a quality focused janitorial network service that has the capability to serve clients across all 50 states with the most resounding cleaning services available.

Quality Process

National Janitorial Solutions is dedicated to being the preferred choice for your janitorial needs. We specialize in delivering the most comprehensive services that are designed with the sole purpose of making sure that our clients look as professional as possible. Our team of janitorial experts will work hard to make sure that your location looks well cared for.


Superior Cleaning Solutions

Service Delivery

100-satisfactionNational Janitorial Solutions incorporates a customer satisfaction survey into our quality process. There are five (5) potential levels of satisfaction (5=Excellent, 4=Very Good, 3=Good, 2=Fair, and 1=Poor,) for services rendered. “Results” of the service are entered and maintained in service history. All services rated poor or fair are classified as QUALITY DEFECTS (QD) and are reviewed by the Program Manager, Customer Service Department, and The VP Of Operations for action management. Our goal is to have the QD resolved within 3 days.


At National Janitorial Solutions we focus on tools, chemicals, process and training combined with the science of dirt, new technology, and the elimination of problems to deliver superior service to match our customers brand image.

The cleaning services that you will receive when you choose National Janitorial Solutions have been scientifically designed to eliminate dirt. We have conducted intensive research that has allowed us to discover what is necessary to achieve the essence of clean for our clients. Our personnel use positively charged cleaning tools as well as both positive and non-ionic chemicals. The cleaning process we have created has been proven to leave our clients’ locations cleaner for longer, because it removes dirt that has built up, deep within carpet fibers and other surfaces.


Carpet Cleaning Tech

National Janitorial Solutions trains their employees to use the 5th generation low moisture carpet cleaning method.

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Hard Wood

Hard Floor Tech

Our comprehensive floor cleaning system has been scientifically designed to restore the shine of your hard flooring, disinfect its surface and extend the amount of time in between renovations.

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Dirt Tech

National Janitorial Solutions understands that all dirt has a negative charge and all cleaning chemicals have a positive charge. The dirt is removed from the negative charge dirt attaching to the positive charge chemical cleaning solution.

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Customer Benefits

Satisfaction is our main objective for each of our clients. We have had the privilege to provide our services to clients in the commercial/office, industrial, healthcare facilities, retail, educational and financial industries. The process management services we provide are completely customizable to meet our clients’ individual needs. Our personnel specialize in general janitorial services, floor care, pressure washing, high dusting, construction clean-up, window cleaning, hood cleaning and more.

Customer Benefits

Healthy Environment

National Janitorial Solutions cleaning techniques create a safe, clean, and healthy environment for facility occupants and visitors alike. This objective is accomplished by meeting GS-37 & 42 certification for the floor coating and cleaning chemicals, as well as using products designated as “green” under the EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE), meeting Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standards as set forth by the California Air Resource Board.


National Janitorial Solutions can implement a cleaning program to create a safe environment for your employees and facility.

  • OSHA
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • All floor chemicals American Standard Testing Method standards for slip resistance.
  • MSDS compliance
  • Appropriate wet floor signs when needed

A Clean Image

National Janitorial Solutions cleaning programs include the proper tools, chemicals, and processes to improve your facilities image.

  • Double buckets – always mopping with clean water
  • Micro fiber – remove up to 65% more dirt
  • Walk-off entrance mats – trap the dirt at the door and spend less time cleaning the floors.

Green Environment

National Janitorial Solutions can help you implement “Green” cleaning for your facility, that will utilize DfE approved chemicals, multi-filtration vacuums with proper HEPA filters, and microfiber pads, mops, and dust cloths collect more dirt/dust for better indoor air quality.

Training Overview

Our intention is to help our service providers achieve the best possible results on our customers’ hard floors and carpeting while reducing the time it takes and the amount of product needed. Our training classes, videos and seminars are designed to give our service providers the proper assistance and techniques necessary to be successful. We are able to answer questions about cleaning concerns; engage in personable discussions about the correct products / chemicals and amounts to use, along with proper choice of tools and processes.


Through the proper training techniques and information, our employees and service providers gain the “competitive edge”, and consistently perform above expectations. Our training programs help to increase worker competency.

Cost Control

Proper usage of chemicals, proper dilution and using the proper procedures can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year. Thus increasing service efficiency and delivering the lowest total cost program for our clients.


Are what it’s all about! Our customer’s facilities look great, their budgets are under control, and we have increased customer satisfaction.


Our research shows that employees who are well trained help prevent accidents. It’s no secret that every accident at work costs a company thousands of dollars or more. At National Janitorial Solutions we understand this concern.


Professional Affiliations

Our extended experience has allowed us to serve clients in a variety of industries, but our main objective always remains the same, no matter who we are working for: We want to promote excellence and professionalism through our world class janitorial services.


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