Why Robots are NOT the Future

As a floor-care professional, I hear and see stories about the impending “robotic takeover” in our industry, (reminds me of the Terminator movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80’s and 90’s). I’ve heard all the benefits of robots cleaning commercial facilities. These range from huge savings on labor costs, increased and steady production rates which have no considerations for any human factors such as fatigue, scheduled breaks, vacations, adverse working conditions…including the fact that robots don’t complain! I decided to do some research and dig deeper into this topic to see just how long I have until doomsday, when my job will be replaced by a robot. Here is what I found out;

NJS Cares: Food Bank of South Jersey

The NJS team recently pulled together to help our local community by gathering over 1,000 donated food items for the Food Bank of South Jersey. “The Food Bank of South Jersey provides food to people in need, delivers health and wellness programs, and designs sustainable solutions to help people improve their lives.” The NJS Employees divided up into teams to add a layer of fun and extra motivation. Events like this are just a small example of how the employees here at NJS work together like one big family. Even the NJS field team members got involved!

ISSA Partners With Cleaning For A Reason

Cleaning For A Reason is an amazing not-for-profit that has been providing their free services to woman for over ten years. We want to send then a huge CONGRATULATIONS on their recent achievement with ISSA, where we have been members for several years. 

Hospitals Examine Problems Caused By Wet Mopping Floors

Published by: Clean Link   Contributed by: Kaivac.

Most hospitals in North America depend on wet-mopping to clean their floors. This may include using a two-bucket system, in which one bucket is filled with cleaning solution and the other with rinse water, or a more common, one-bucket process, in which the bucket is used to store cleaning solution, with the mop wrung out and then dipped in the cleaning solution over and over again. However, hospitals have long been concerned that this type of floor cleaning procedure may actually be spreading contamination throughout the hospital.

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