Brand Loyalty and Your 80’s Haircut

So you found the perfect product from a specific brand that has always been your go to for getting the job done.  Only problem is you found that product 15 years ago and haven’t tried any new products since.  So my question is, are you hurting yourself and your company with brand loyalty?  It’s like that 80’s haircut you had that worked back then but you’re still trying to pull it off.  Some products, like hairstyles are timeless but others are meant to evolve with the times.  This goes for all consumer products from chemicals you may use at a job or home essentials you buy every week.  Here are a few reasons why you may want to rethink the brands you buy:

Shop around every once in a while. It’s good to check out some of your favorite brands’ competitors.  They’re competitors for a reason and will have slight variations on a product you might actually prefer.  Read the labels and do some research on customer reviews this can be eye opening and may actually convince you to try something new.

Get some rewards.  New customers to brands are many times given incentives.  “Free delivery with your first order” and “50% Off First Order” are two phrases that I hear a lot, especially when buying online for a number of products. Why not stray a little from your normal routine to get a rebate or discount?  Like I said before you can get great rewards by having brand loyalty but weigh the pros and cons of a two brand products to see if those points are worth it.

Don’t make it personal.  People will defend a brand like they are head of PR for that company.  Getting attached to a brand can be a good thing and in today’s world with rewards and incentives left and right it may actually even save you money. However, unwilling to try something else due to brand loyalty can be your downfall.  Brand loyalty is what every company strives for like a hook and sinker.  That’s understandable with the amount of resources that goes into getting a customer. However, shouldn’t there be a reason to stay, not just because it’s what you’ve always done but because of their products being the best, their friendly customer service, etc.

Don’t follow the pack.  When everyone buys one product it leads to a huge gap in the market.  Why is everyone buying that one thing anyway? Just because it is working for everyone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Buying that name brand product that’s been hyped up and in turn has its prices ramped up won’t help you or your business if it isn’t a good suit to your specific needs.  It’s a little bit like buying that name brand coffee that always has a line out the door meanwhile there’s an even better cup o’ joe next door with a less expensive price tag.  Just a little food for thought.

Remember, nothing beats the best. There is always a chance you already have the best of the best.  In that case shopping around can reaffirm to stick with what you’ve been using all along. Also, if you have great customer service that can always be the biggest reason to stay with a certain brand.  It can be hard to find a company willing to work with you to fix your problems and genuinely want to hear your concerns; that can be something worth sticking around for.

So before you write off every single brand that you have never used, at least give some a try.



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