Fast Approaching Flu Season

With the incoming school year fast approaching many kids are finishing up their summer reading and going back to school shopping.  While most are excited and jittery, parents know that with the new school year means another flu season.  If there is one recommendation this time of year it is to stock up on disinfectants along with that new backpack.

With that said, as you get ready for the cooler weather you should also prepare for flu season so you and those around you don’t fall victim this year.  Things you should consider are…


The Vaccine
If you’re over 6 months of age the CDC advises you to get vaccinated. It reduces the risk by 50% to 60% and can help you and those surrounding you who are more vulnerable to the virus (Vaccine Effectiveness).  However, I know many people who prefer the holistic way, which means they need to take the next few precautions a bit more seriously.


Keep Your Environment Clean!
You’ve seen those commercials when one person sneezes and it forms a huge green cloud that touches everything, right? In reality the cloud is basically invisible but we get the point; germs are everywhere. Getting an area clean and keeping it that way for long is impossible.  That’s why you really need to disinfect not just clean and to disinfect often since we’re always coming into contact with objects and areas that may carry these germs.


Know the Difference
Many people probably just clean their spaces by using a rag or sponge with some soap.  What this is really doing is just taking the germs from one spot to another.  If done properly (wearing gloves, having a “no touch” waste basket, etc.) it can be pretty effective, however how many people have you seen actually wearing gloves when they clean their home?  The most advisable thing to do is disinfect- killing the germs on site (How to Clean).   You can clean the rest of your space but be sure to disinfect the high-touch surfaces, your health will thank you later.


Know the Signs
Fatigue, the chills, cough, sore throat, fever, gastrointestinal issues, dizziness, dehydration, etc. can all be signs you have the flu (Cherney). If you start to feel these symptoms coming on, take some preventative measures so it doesn’t get worse.  Measures such as drinking a lot of fluids to flush your system, staying home in order to become less exposed to more germs, over the counter medicine for headaches, pains and fever, and take a walk to boost your immune system (Vankoughnet).


However, don’t leave this until the last minute when you’re already getting sick.  It’s also better to think about it now to keep an eye out for sales on tissues, sanitizers, and disinfectants. Also, after you’ve finished preparing for the colder months, keep up on cleaning and disinfecting those high-touch areas until flu season is over to keep you and everyone around you out of the flu’s way.


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