NJS Preventing Infections in Your Health Care Facilities

National Janitorial Solutions has been working on an Infection Prevention plan with specific time schedules, chemicals, and techniques. With hospital and urgent care patients becoming sick from hospital borne illnesses it’s imperative to combat those viruses daily to keep patients from becoming more ill and to even save lives. According to the World Health Organization 7% of hospitalized patients will acquire at least one infection while admitted. At first 7% seems like such a small number and some may think ‘what are the chances of that happening to me or someone I know?’. Well, that number seems to grow incredibly when you compare it to the total number of hospital inpatient discharges and outpatient visits of 160.8 Million making that 7% equal roughly 11,256,000; that number only consists of U.S. non-federal short stay hospitals (CDC). The World Health Organization also claims that 30% of ICU patients are affected by one or more virus during their hospital stay.

So, what are the reasons for this? Inappropriately using devices that expose the patients, the overuse of antibiotics, high risk procedures, overcrowding, under-staffing, human error, the cleanliness of the facility, etc (World Health Organization). This is the reason for finding a great hospital and excellent doctors. This is also the reason hospitals need to invest in the best janitorial providers. NJS is specifically targeting the locations where germs multiply and spread in hospitals and urgent care centers. Not only to destroy the existing germs but to prevent future spreads. National Janitorial Solutions is working towards dropping that 7% and towards your patients having a happier and healthier stay.

“Hospital Utilization (in Non-Federal Short-stay Hospitals).” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 27 Apr. 2016. Web. 10 June 2016.


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