More Than A Fresh Coat of Paint

NJS has recently gone through a big renovation. Taking on more square footage to accommodate the growing company, putting up walls for new offices and rearranging cubicles to be more efficient and for better feng shui, a new conference room, and the list goes on. Along with the larger space and different layout we also have a different look that makes everything have a different feel around the office. What was once the brownish, purple carpet is now a patterned gray that adds interest to the space. The carpet is matched with a light gray paint with a dark gray trim, which has replaced the pale yellow walls.

A huge thanks to our Director of Human Resources for the smooth transition due to making communication key in the renovations. It was business as usual in the office while productivity remained consistent.

Co-workers are already appreciating the new look for its clean, simple design.  Everything feels shiny and new that is matched with the arrival of the spring season, which started over a month ago but with the prolonged winter weather it’s about time for some new beginnings.  We are all looking forward to the inevitable changes as we continue to grow as a company, together. And a huge thank you to our partners and vendors who we hope to continue to grow with.
Take a look at some before and after pictures-