Green to Sustainable

We’ve been hearing it for decades, “go green,” and “save the planet,” but there’s always a next step.  Is now that time to take the next step? Every industry has been taking the necessary measures to try cutting their carbon footprint on the earth and to make their history more about their accomplishments than how they crippled the planet.  So now that we’ve all gone green it’s time to become more sustainable.

You’ve probably seen this happening already for a couple of years but more recently the pace has picked up and deadlines are being set.  San Francisco unanimously voted to have new buildings dedicate 15% of their roofs for solar panels (Domonoske).  San Francisco is also working towards zero waste, 50% clean transportation, 100% renewable energy, and a deadline of 2025 to get greenhouse gas emissions 40% below 1990 levels (Office of the Mayor). This is happening across the country and worldwide. Copenhagen, Denmark has pledged to become “carbon neutral” by 2025. Also by 2025, London, UK will produce 25% of the energy it uses at locally-generated sources (Altenerymag).

This new way of thinking effects the cleaning industry immensely, by needing trying to make all procedures more cost-effective and efficient for their clients.  In today’s world everyone is trying to be more environmentally conscious; using or even having the option of “green” products opens up your business to more markets.

This new step towards sustainability will effect all parts of a cleaning business such as equipment selection, when and how much chemicals one buys, scheduling, and products.

Equipment selection that uses energy and products more efficiently that will reduce cost of materials and shorter labor hours.  Buying chemicals only when you need them adds more driving time meaning more emissions and more packaging equaling more waste.  Scheduling carpet cleans will be set more on a needs basis then every (insert specific time here). Also scheduling day cleaning will be a growing trend as it allows the whole facility to shut down at a specific hour.  Also, the products themselves are changing. Some green products are being replaced by ones much more biodegradable and such as green trash liners to corn-based liners (ISSA).

Many cleaners have already begun the process of making the switch to more sustainable cleaning methods and products. It is really no wonder with most clients demanding or wanting that type of service.  This shows that you’re working towards the same goal as your clients and the rest of the world.  It is something that could connect you and a possible customer.  Consider making the switch so have a better chance at making that deal.


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