Maintaining the highest standards for health, safety and appearance is the core of all janitorial services offered from National Janitorial Solutions. Our team of janitorial professionals perform general janitorial services that range from simple cleaning tasks that will maintain a clean, professional and sanitary appearance for your location, to more in depth cleaning procedures that may be required to maintain a more sanitary environment for locations in more sensitive industries.


Hard Floors

First impressions are important. When clients walk into your location, one of the first things they notice is your general appearance and the condition of your flooring. Maintaining clean, shiny floors not only makes your facility aesthetically pleasing, it ultimately extends the life of your floors, reducing your overall replacement and maintenance costs.


Carpet Cleaning

The air quality within any type of building structure has the potential to become much worse than the quality of outside air when carpets are not properly maintained and cleaned. If not taken care of, carpets can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Carpets that are embedded with dirt and dust can become infested with allergens and other things that can be unhealthy.


Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is performed by our skilled professionals who are highly trained and experienced to keep your windows “Sparkling Clean”. Scope of work can be easily designed to fit any budget. We separate large areas of glass into “upper and lower” treatment areas, with lower areas receiving more frequent cleanings.


Power & Pressure Washing

Commercial Power & Pressure Washing uses a mechanical sprayer that uses high- pressure water to clean and remove: Spider Webs, Mold, Grime, Dust and Dirt, Mud and any other surface debris that needs to be removed.


Construction Clean Ups

National Janitorial Solutions takes pride in our ability to communicate, schedule, and coordinate the necessary aspects of the post construction cleanup and floor finishing projects. Our teams are fully trained and experienced in the specific layouts of the client’s prototype stores. We understand the challenges and specific requirements of the client. This could only be accomplished by delivering year after year superior Customer service in the construction clean-up field.



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