National Janitorial Solutions 3-Step Hard Floor Process

National Janitorial Solutions uses a three phase hard floor cleaning process to eliminate harmful dirt from your flooring. Our comprehensive floor cleaning system has been scientifically designed to restore the shine of your hard flooring, disinfect its surface and extend the amount of time in between when it is necessary to have your floors renovated. Three Part Hard Floor Cleaning Process:

Controlling Loose Dirt

Loose dirt is generally caused by foot traffic, other objects coming in direct contact with the flooring’s surface, dust and other particles that can be carried through the air. When you have loose dirt on your flooring, it can scratch its surface, making your flooring look worn quicker. It can also create lower quality air. We start our hard floor cleaning process by removing any build up dirt or dust that accumulates in your workspace with microfiber dust mops.

hardRemoving Stuck In and Embedded Dirt

Stuck in and embedded dirt are the hardest types of dirt to remove from your flooring surface. They are usually caused by spills, dirt being ground into the flooring by foot traffic or moisture being added to loose dirt, which allows it to seep further into scratches in your flooring. When sediment is stuck in or embedded into your flooring, it makes it look dirty and dull. Removing stuck in and embedded dirt from your flooring requires a carefully crafted process that attracts dirt outward, rather than pushing it further in. We use non-iconic DfE cleaner, curved hog’s hair pads and a DfE dirt shield to protect and polish your floors to an illustrious lasting shine.

Restoring the Shine

This process is necessary for flooring that looks tarnished and hazy because it has been subjected to excessive loose dirt and stuck in and embedded dirt. This is especially noticeable in uneven flooring. If the shine in your flooring is restored correctly, it will also prolong its life, because it will make it look brand new. We use the correct tools, processes and chemicals to keep your floors looking outstanding for a long time.



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