training-cleaning-employeesWe give our service providers the proper assistance and techniques necessary to be successful

National Janitorial Solutions prides itself on providing unmatched service delivery with competitive pricing. In order to achieve the unmatched service delivery, service provider training is paramount to our success, and our customer satisfaction.

Our intention is to help our service providers achieve the best possible results on our customers’ hard floors and carpeting while reducing the time it takes and the amount of product needed. Our training classes, videos and seminars are designed to give our service providers the proper assistance and techniques necessary to be successful. We are able to answer questions about cleaning concerns; engage in personable discussions about the correct products / chemicals and amounts to use, along with proper choice of tools and processes.


National Janitorial Solutions has long been a proponent of training for our employees and service providers, through which we have identified these “Training Benefits.”

Cost Control

Proper usage of chemicals, proper dilution and using the proper procedures can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year. Thus increasing service efficiency and delivering the lowest total cost program for our clients.


Our research has indicated that employees who are well trained help prevent accidents. It is no secret that every accident at work costs a company thousands of dollars in related costs. At National Janitorial Solutions we understand this major concern, and we are able to increase worker safety and reduce liability costs.


Through the proper training techniques and information, our employees and service providers gain the “competitive edge”, and consistently perform above expectations. Our training programs help to increase worker competency.


Are what it’s all about! Our customer’s facilities look great, their budgets are under control, and we have increased customer satisfaction.



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