What Are the Differences Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting?

November 11, 2021

Keeping the environment around you clean and germ-free is an important step in staying healthy. However, do you know the differences between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting? It’s essential to know the variations between these methods so that you can take the proper steps to keep items and areas clean. If you want to learn about […]

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Importance of Post Construction Cleanup

A commercial construction project is a massive undertaking that involves multiple stages and processes. The work can leave behind an enormous amount of dust, dirt and debris. Implementing professional cleaning services after construction work is crucial for ensuring the building is ready to open and safe for employees, customers and visitors. What is construction cleaning? […]

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Why Store Cleanliness Is Important to Shoppers

Is your retail store seeing declining traffic numbers? While you may have the best deals around, fantastic customer service or an ideal location, there’s one area that can turn retail shoppers away from your store you may not be aware of — cleanliness. If a retail shopper enters your store and sees dirty surfaces, dusty […]

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Guía Paral El Coronavirus – Respuesta de NJS (Español)

March 16, 2021

Debido a las inquietudes que genera la propagación del coronavirus (COVID-19) en los Estados Unidos, muchos de nuestros clientes y miembros del personal tendrán preguntas o inquietudes con respecto a su trabajo en un lugar público. Guía informativa sobre el coronavirus PARA USO EXCLUSIVO DE LA GERENCIA La siguiente guía es para su uso exclusivo […]

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Coronavirus Guide – Generic Scope (English)

With the concerns of Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading in the United States, many of our customers and staff will have questions or concerns regarding their work in a public location. Coronavirus Packet FOR MANAGER USE ONLY The following guide is for your use only as a Facility Manager/Operations Manager/EVS Director. Please review this guide carefully and […]

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AmplifyClean™ – Our Innovative Approach to Clean

December 8, 2020

AmplifyClean™ is an advanced approach for disinfection and sanitation that broadens infection prevention nationwide. At NJS, we plan for your safe and healthy environment through a three-step process: Consult, Determine, and Respond. We evaluate customer requirements in order to manage and tailor programs to meet those needs. NJS tracks progress to achieve goals and deliver […]

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